Trendy fashion glasses for him and her

They are an expression of your personality, they put the finishing touch to your overall impression, and are often the visual highlight of your outfit: glasses have long been much more than simply an aid to vision – in recent years they have become the most popular fashion accessory.

bx. eyewear inspirations knows about this trend and takes part in it. We design fashion glasses that do exactly what the brand name implies: they inspire.

Whether it’s trendy women’s glasses or modern, stylish men’s glasses - bx. styles are bold in their use of colour, new materials, structures and various combinations. This is the right place for fashion-conscious wearers: immerse yourself in bx.’s style world and be intrigued and inspired by our current range of fashion glasses!

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The bx. download area lets you download advert templates, logos, press releases and videos for the advertisement of your own products as well as design sheets with all of the information on the bx. models. 

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bx. 397 – Urban Style 2.0

The double bridge is a strong trend that is also here to stay in 2018 – and not just in the sunglasses segment. bx. 397 combines a front in NXT with a stainless steel upper bar. The contrasting colours and materials give it an...[more]


bx. 481 – Structure Meets Coolness

This stylish women’s model is all about structure! The thin-rimmed nylon frame bx. 481 in stainless steel has an impressively lightweight construction and graphic sophistication.     The vertical stripes in the...[more]