Lessstress drilling coordinates

Glazing of bx. frames with LessStress


  1. Fix the lenses in position on the standard work plate so that they about the upper round, central lens layout. Bring the Y-axis to the 0.00 position using the Y-zero gauge supplied by LessStress.
  2. Move the drilling arm to the required angle. We normally drill at the drilling point at 90° to the lens surface.
  3. Move the drill to the required height by cranking along the Y-axis (Y-coordinate).
  4. Place the drill at the edge of the lens in order to find the 0.00 position on the X-axis.
  5. Crank to the X-coordinate and drill. 

Please find here a list with all drilling coordinates for glazing with LessStress.

More inforamtion are available at www.lessstress.de 

CNC drilling coordinates

Glazing of bx. frames with a CNC-machine

Here you'll find a list of all drilling coordinates for a glazing with a CNC-machine.