The bx. download area offers a wide range of opportunities for your own online advertising

The bx. download area lets you download advert templates, logos, press releases and videos for the advertisement of your own products as well as design sheets with all of the information on the bx. models. Files are available for both print and websites. Please be aware of the different levels of quality, as a higher image quality (300 dpi) is required for printing than for the Internet (72 dpi).

You can use the image database, which is continually updated, to find out which images you can use. Please do not use any bx. images that are not in the image database, as we cannot guarantee that the necessary licences are available for these.

If you would like to request images in a specific size for special purposes, please call the bx. marketing department at +49 2521 / 93 90 49


You can download the bx. logo in different file formats here


Advert templates

Use the bx. advertising layouts for your own advertising placements or to design flyers, etc.

Motive-Print Motive-Web

PR-Print PR-Web

Press release

We provide you with copy that will help you describe the bx. frames in the best way possible

Press release

Design Sheets

The design sheets provide you with all the key information about the bx. models

200er 300er 400er


You may use these videos for your own advertising purposes (e.g. on your website or in your shop)