bx. eyewear inspirations – About us

The modern fashion glasses from bx. eyewear inspirations are young, stylish and trendy. bexx GmbH & Co. KG is the company behind the brand. Just like its sister company Dr. Eugen Beck GmbH & Co. KG – better known as FLAIR Modellbrillen – bexx gives top priority to quality.

It is years now since glasses were just an aid to vision. In recent years, they have moved on to become a hot fashion accessory. With or without frames, with funky colours, classically plain or extravagant – there are no limits to the imagination when it comes to design.

This can also be seen in the company headquarters in Oelde, in Westphalia, Germany. Here designers continually reinvent current trends and design modern glasses that clearly show that the people here have a good sense of what creates contemporary looks and exclusive fashion. A total of 14 employees works in the Design and Sales departments of this globally-active company.