Our philosophy

In the beginning is the inspiration – at least, when we are talking about the design of a new style in the bx. eyewear inspirations’ glasses collection. But where does this inspiration come from? How is the initial idea for a new design developed?

Coolhunting is the magic word here. This is the professional sensing of trends, the things that will be “in“, before they actually become so. The primary provider of ideas for the design of accessories is, naturally, current fashion. So inspiration and food for thought come from visits to Fashion Weeks, lifestyle exhibitions or from jewellery design. However, in many cases, ideas are also borrowed from completely different disciplines: industrial design is a key word here.

And of course – how could it be otherwise? - Hollywood continues to set standards when it comes to trends, including in fashion glasses. What woman could forget the first film from the successful TV series “Sex and the City“? Here, trend-setter Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) and her dream man Mr. Big (Chris Noth) wore glasses frames by top designers in one of the first scenes – a fact that certainly supported glasses on their way to becoming the hot fashion accessories of the season.